We Sell Your Perishables – Quickly – to Minimize Your Losses

“We appreciate all you did to help on this matter. Produce Placers will be my only call for any salvage assistance.” – Claims Manager, Logistics Company

  • Accidents Happen – Every day, perishable cargo or goods are damaged – and written off as a loss. The owner or shipper files for insurance, and writes off the loss. From transport accidents to refrigeration malfunction, this can be costly indeed. That’s where we help you.
  • 30 Years+ Experience – Since 1983, Salvage Cargo is the premiere source for rapidly securing your perishable cargo, reselling it, and quickly moving it to minimize your loss.
  • 60-Minute Placement – We purchase your unwanted perishables. And with our nationwide network of buyers, we quickly find a buyer for your damaged perishables – and get your goods moving, usually in 60 minutes or less. It’s good for your profit and bottom line, good for the environment, and just plain good business.
  • Team of Specialists -We’re comprised of a team of industry-best specialists, each specializing in one area of cargo recovery and turnaround.
  • Central Location – We’re conveniently located in the Midwest. Our central location allows us to quickly and easily reach claims nationwide, as needed, secure your cargo, and deliver it to the end buyer.

Certifications and

  • USDA Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA) licensee
  • Transportation and Logistics Council (TLC) conference speaker
  • National Truck & Heavy Equipment Claims Council (NTHECC) sponsor
  • Maritime Law Association of the United States (MLAUS) member
  • Marine and Insurance Claims Association (MICA) member
  • Traffic Club of New York (TCNY) member