Producer Placers is a professional, experienced company specializing in recovery of refrigerated cargo loss. We buy and resell unwanted perishables, whether damaged in transit or storage. We will purchase almost perishables, nationwide. We are your fastest, most profitable solution for refrigerated cargo loss. Since 1983, our promise is to get you the highest possible financial return for your unwanted perishables, easily and quickly. During the past three decades, we’ve developed an exclusive network of buyers, service providers and transport companies, to get your perishables moving – usually within 1 hour. We can purchase your cargo outright, or broker it for you on consignment.

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What We Handle

We offer deep expertise handling

  • beverages
  • dairy
  • floral
  • fruits and vegetables
  • meats
  • packaged foods
  • seafood
  • and more


  • purchasing damaged perishables
  • purchasing casualty losses
  • salvage assessment
  • recouping damaged cargo and losses
  • sorting and segregation
  • transloading of containers and trailers

Industry Experience

We offer extensive experience serving

  • insurers
  • manufacturers, shippers, cargo owners
  • freight carriers including marine, trucking, rail and air
  • importers/exporters
  • warehousing, storage providers
  • and more